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Best one I've ever seen was when Rance Mulliniks, who by this point was 36 or 37 and ran like he was a war amputee, legged one out against the Rangers at Skydome with yours truly in attendance.

Texas's left fielder than day was Kevin Reimer, who was the worst defensive outfielder I have ever seen play in the major leagues for whom playing the outfield was his actual primary position. Kevin was not substantially better than Ray Charles would have been. He had no range, usually broke in the wrong direction anyway, and spread butter all over his glove before every game, but he made up for it by having a bad arm.

So anyway, in the eighth inning with the Jays up 1-0, Rance lofted a short fly to left field. Reimer, as was his custom, froze. He then ran towards the ball, hesitated, and started running again, unable to make the decision most pro outfielders can make in a split second as to whether he wanted to try to catch it on the fly or get it on a bounce. (Absolutely 99% of MLB outfielders would have run in and caught it effortlessly.) At the last moment he decided that the best course of action was to fall down in the direction of the ball and hope for the best. This didn't work; the ball bounded past him, wholly untouched. The center fielder- Juan Gonzalez, which tells you all you need to know about how good the Rangers defense was - had started sprinting over from center the moment the ball was hit because Juan knew who his teammate was, but neither he nor Reimer had any chance at all. The ball bounced merrily into the left field corner and Rance, huffing and puffing, "ran" around third and headed for home while the sellout crowd stood and screamed, fifty thousand people yelling "FASTER RANCE! GO GO GO!" The throw wasn't even close and Rance Mulliniks had hit the first inside the park homer at Skydome while the fans cheered like he'd cured cancer. It was wonderful.

But it wasn't an error. Reimer was terrible, but he never touched the ball, it did not go through him - it kind of bounced to his right as he sprawled helplessly - and hesitation is a mental error.
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