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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
If you believe that — and I mean really, truly believe it — it sounds super liberating. Wouldn’t it pretty much take the sting out of any criticism? Isn’t it kind of the entire point of that cliché where, If Everything Is X, Then Nothing Is?
This is what I've been thinking for a long time - whoever succeeds Trump as president - be he a (D) or an (R) - is going to be in a honeymoon period of playing the President Game on the easiest possible difficulty setting. No matter how he or she does (well, within certain parameters,) the media will be gushing about how refreshing it is to finally have a return to sanity and levelheadedness, to have an adult in the Oval Office for once.

Sure, after a year or two the honeymoon period will end, but for a time, that POTUS will be skating by with ease.