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Originally Posted by KarlGauss View Post
I think this is spot on.

Not saying they should of course, but if the Dems embraced the 2nd Amendment or pledged to outlaw abortion, the Republican bloc would fragment into political insignificance and none of its descendants would bear the Republican name.
I don't agree with that. The obsession with guns and abortion is more a proxy for the two parties attitudes on multiculturalism. Even if you removed these two wedge issues, some other wedge issue that is a proxy for multiculturalism would rise up to take its place.

At root that is what politics is about. On one hand you have a multicultural, pro-democracy party and on the other side you have a party that believes in social heirarchies and views democracy as a hindrance to their goals because it empowers the multiculturalists.

Eliminating the gun debate won't solve it. For all intents and purposes, the democrats have totally give up on the gun debate and it hasn't made a difference anyway. Under Obama gun control was barely mentioned and the conservative base still screamed 'they're coming for our guns'. Even if democrats give up and let the GOP legislate away women's rights to their own bodies, the religious right would still scream about abortion.

The root cause of our political divide is due to attitudes on authoritarianism and multiculturalism. High authoritarians who reject multiculturalism are republicans and low authoritarians who embrace multiculturalism are democrats. Wedge issues are a symptom and expression of this divide, not a cause of it.
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