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Originally Posted by Robot Arm View Post
Poker players will sometimes bluff; holding a poor hand but placing a bet in the hope that the other players will all fold. Occasionally, you'll pick the wrong time to bluff. If another player has a great hand, maybe even "the nuts", then they won't fold and the bluffer loses. Postle, from what I gather reading the OP, has been extremely fortunate in when he has chosen to bluff. All of his bluffs have been when the other players had poor hands that they had to fold.
Yep, this. For example, maybe you move all in on the river when a third heart falls with only Ace high or some other weak hand, trying to represent that you have a flush. It doesn't need to work all the time to be a profitable play. You can sometimes get a better hand to fold (less frequently you'll get called by worse; I made that play recently with AK and got looked up by AQ, but there was a specific dynamic going on in that hand).

If your opponent has the ace-high flush - the nut flush (assuming no straight flushes are possible), however - they ain't folding.

When Postle lost big pots, it was almost always because someone made a hero call that one could argue was probably a losing call against any other player!

Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Having said that, let me tell you something; cheating in casino poker is very, very common. Mike Postle went much further in his efforts to cheat, and was unnervingly idiotic in not trying to hide it, but guys at tables sharing information with cell phones is common as hell now and I see bizarre laydowns and calls all the time by people who look at their phones and only then decide what to do.
Having played all over the world for many years - I highly doubt that players are using their phones to openly cheat in real time during hands. No card room I've been in the last 10+ years let you be on your phone during the hand, for starters, and there simply isn't enough time while in a hand to sit there typing out the situation (stack sizes, position, action, board, hole cards etc) to provide (or get) any remotely useful information. Sorry, that just ain't a thing.

Do some regs softplay each other? Yep. Do some regs share info about players? You bet. Are there some habitual angle-shooters out there? Damn sure. But I think out-right cheating in live play is pretty rare. Would probably require the dealer being in on the action.
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