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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
Well, let's look at the skill sets and how the genders did, the numbers are percent fails:

Deadlift M 2% F 4%
Power Throw M 9% F 7%
Push Up M 4% F 4%
Sprint Drag Carry M 5% F 3%
2 Mile Run M 11% F 6%
Leg Tuck M 14% F 72%
That's really interesting. Thanks, Cheesesteak.

I wonder whether the issue with the leg tuck might have to do with hip structure. Maybe the (as Sterling Archer says) subjective impression of what's "too much" swinging is affected by gender differences in hip structure? Women's legs are going to angle differently from men's, in most cases.

And if women are doing as well or better at deadlift, power throw, sprint drag carry, and 2 mile run: is the leg tuck actually measuring anything useful? I can see why lifting, throwing, rapidly moving heavy things/people, and running significant distances could matter. I can see why lifting oneself could matter. I don't know why the amount that one's legs swing while lifting oneself would matter, though it's possible I'm just missing something.