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Originally Posted by Fiddle Peghead View Post
I'm glad you posted this, in no small part because it reminded me of the New Republic, a great magazine that I had kind of forgotten about over the years.

The article is very even-handed, and lays out the highly profitable ways Trump and family have benefited from Russian connections over the decades. It strikes me as all the evidence one might need to conclude that Trump kowtows to Putin the way he does because, unexpectedly finding himself president, and not wanting to upset the person who could most fuck up future Trump business deals, he wants to keep him happy until he returns to private life. Not to suggest that Trump isn't acting out of blackmail due to illegal activity on Trump's part, but this sort of thing seems more plausible to me.
Putin is a trained KGB agent. Donald has gone past the place where he is currying busines favors. He is not going back to private life. He is going to have to use his resources to try and stay out of jail. If he needs putins help to stay out of jail that is the definition of blackmail.