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Originally Posted by SanDiegoTim View Post
I suspect some are surprised at generator output levels. Most being sold at the big box stores may power a frig and a couple of lights, but not much more. More powerful units get expensive and larger.
So I looked at this, briefly, when I used to live in a hurricane zone. The thing to do was to pair a 7500 watt generator:

With an interlock kit and external 30 amp receptacle on my breaker panel.

With 7500 watts to play with, the fridge is ~1000 watts, starting. Less when running. All the lights in the entire house on at the same time = ~40 * 10 = 400 watts.

Computer + TV + internet stuff = 300 watts.

My house used mini splits for A/C. Each one was 700-1200 watts. There were 3. 3*1200 = 3600 watts.

So far just 5300 watts/7500. Microwave oven is about 1500 watts when running.

Basically everything but an electric hot water heater or the stove or oven could be running at almost the same time.

Yes, fuel is a problem. What I figured you'd have to do is buy some of the larger outdoor propane bottles, like these:, and store them in a roofed but outdoor area on elevated concrete pads. (so they never sit in water and rust.)

At 50% load, it's 20 lbs of propane per 5.5 hours. So 87 pounds of propane per day.

So 3 tanks would be enough for a 3-4 day power outage. For longer than that, you need a solar/battery system. (like a powerwall)