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Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
Gee. Maybe your boy should not have started this whole shit show with his tweet the other day then.

This debacle is 100% on Trump. He owns it. Including all the ISIS fighters who will now be free to go back to whatever it is they like to do.

Oh, they'll just go to Europe and blow stuff up there... so tough titty for them foreigners.
It's not 100% on Trump; it's on Bush, and even more importantly, it's on Lindsay "I'm gay as hell but don't want to admit it" Graham. I blame Graham more than anyone. He's the chickenshit who voted for war in the Middle East, claimed to be a never Trumper, but then became the biggest gobbler of Trump's junk of any member of congress. Total coward. Been there all along as the US has wrecked an entire region.