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Greatest Sports Trades, AKA, The Herschel Walker Great Trade Robbery turns 30.

Tomorrow (10-12-2019) is the anniversary of what I consider the greatest trade agreement in modern American sports: when the 1-15 Dallas Cowboys traded the greatest football player of all time*, Herschel Walker, for what eventually became:

Emmitt Smith
Alonzo Highsmith
Russell Maryland
Kevin Smith
Darren Woodson
Clayton Holmes
Jesse Solomon
David Howard
Issiac Holt
Alex Stewart
Stan Smagala (who had the worst career of any of these people, and he still played 2 years)

The Vikings got:


Herschel Walker
Mike Jones (TE)
Jake Reed (WR)
Reggie Thornton (go team!)
Pat Newman

(the bottom two names don't even rate a Wiki page. All of Dallas's players do.)

Anyway, what are some of the biggest trades in your preferred sport? Were they as impactful as this one was?

*University of Georgia, class of 1990, don't @ me, you know I'm right.