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Originally Posted by Bear_Nenno View Post
Not Leg Tucks. Leg Tuck. Singular! It's worth mentioning that the minimum passing score for non-combat, service/support soldiers is one leg tuck. ONE! That's it. These soldiers who failed, did so because they could not do a single leg tuck.
And yet, they could pass the deadlift, the power throw, the pushup, and the sprint drag carry. (And the two mile run, though that wouldn't test upper body strength.)

Again, what actual necessary skill is the leg tuck testing for that is not tested by any of the deadlift, power throw, pushup, sprint drag carry, or two mile run? And if it's the ability to climb, what does the amount of leg swinging have to do with it?

(And where do you see that one/five requirement? All I can find in the links is 20 leg tucks to max out. I may have missed something.)