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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Could they though? What federal law did she break? Can she be prosecuted by her home state?
If Russia can do it, surely the US can

We had an episode several years ago in Ottawa where a Russian diplomat was drunk driving. His car mounted the curb and killed a woman and injured her companion, who were just out for a walk.

Russia asserted diplomatic immunity, so the Canadian courts had no jurisdiction. Canada revoked his diplomatic status and he got shipped home to Russia.

As soon as he got home, the Russian government fired him and then charged him with involuntary manslaughter under Russian law. The Russian authorities cooperated with the Canadian police to have the evidence gathered in Canada used at the trial in the Russian courts.

And he was convicted, got sentenced, and was last heard of at a labour camp near Murmansk.

So it can be done.
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