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Originally Posted by nelliebly View Post
I'm going to keep saying this until it gets across.

The new APFT is not in use yet. The data cited in the OP is from personnel who were not yet trained.

Just like the current APFT, the new APFT will determine whether personnel who have been through the appropriate training have succeeded.

When it's implemented, the military expects to see women pass at approximately the same rate as they did the old APFT.

Why does anyone want to argue in advance and against all evidence that women who've been trained will still be unable to do leg tucks?
The leg tuck isn't some kind of new exercise that was just introduced for this test. The leg tuck is Excersie 4 of Climbing Drill 1 (CD1). That's been part of the Army's Physical Readiness Training (PRT) for [i]years[i]!! Every soldier is supposed to be doing PRT every morning. If they were doing it properly, then the CD 1 should be popping up in the schedule once a week--at least once every other week. Even in units that are not conducting proper PRT (pretty much all of them--hence the issue), every soldier who went to Basic Training in the last ten years was exposed to proper PRT, including CD1 which involved ten 5-10 repetitions of the leg tuck. So lack of familiarity with the exercise is not an excuse.