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Originally Posted by Bear_Nenno View Post
The minimum standard for females was quite low, and naturally, many (perhaps as much as 84%) were just not training as hard as they should have been to maintain an appropriate level of fitness.
So you're saying that women in the army, currently, are in dramatically worse shape than their male counterparts due to decades of inadequate standards. And the only component of the ACFT that revealed this discrepancy is the leg tuck?

Color me skeptical. If requiring women to do less than half the pushups of their male counterparts resulted in a drastic reduction in women's upper body fitness, why wasn't that revealed on the components of the ACFT that test upper body strength? How is it that these dramatically out-of-shape women were able to do just fine on 5 out of the 6 components of a gender-neutral fitness test?

eta: I'd also like to challenge your assertion that passing the previous APFT required a regimented fitness program. I just compared my AF fitness test scores to the 2019 APFT standards and I was not surprised to find that I, a scrawny out of shape comm guy who doesn't really work out ever, would have passed just fine. Certainly some people need to work at it, but 99% of the time that has to do with being overweight and not lacking in exercise practice. My point is, I don't think male soldiers are out there busting their asses to pass the APFT while women are slacking off. I'm pretty sure everyone of both genders is generally slacking off unless they're overweight or just like working out for other reasons.

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