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In the Rush bio-documentary thing from some years back, Geddy said that they basically had to replace Rutsey because his diabetes would prevent him from touring. Sounded like it was a tough decision and a sad thing for everyone involved.

As I'm responding to a post by Jonathan Chance, it is not without irony that I note that an original member of Styx, John Curulewski, departed the band under very similar circumstances to the departure of Gregg Rolie from Journey noted above. Band was just getting big, and he felt he had to choose between it and a young family. Family it was. I see from Wikipedia that he didn't quite leave the industry entirely- he apparently continued to play in a couple of bands that just stayed local in Chicago- but he certainly deliberately chose to leave the fame-and-fortune part of the industry. Eventually became a guitar teacher and, sadly, died at 37.
Curulewski was considerably taller than the rest of the band, and I wonder if the aneurysm that killed him might have been related to Marfan Syndrome, which can also lead to extreme height.

For that matter, their bassist, Chuck Panozzo, has battled AIDS for nearly 30 years, and is a fairly well-known activist and his autobiography is on recommended-reading lists for GLBT teenagers and their friends and families. He does talk about Styx only because it's the main reason the book exists, and it's mostly about what it was like for him growing up gay in an Italian Catholic family in the 50s and 60s, and later being that way in the world of 70s arena rock.

He did leave the band in the early 1990s and has since rejoined a few times for short tours. Last I heard, he's still in OK health for a man with AIDS who is about 70 years old.

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