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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
I agree with you, in the sense that nobody on the left would ever support Sharia.

I think the “logic” goes like this...

1) The left supports Muslims as an underrepresented minority in the country.

2) Some parts of the Muslim world live under Sharia law which can be brutal depending on how it’s applied.

3) Insist that Muslims in America are trying to sneak in Sharia ( could that ever happen...?!) so that people on the left look complicit in some dark anti-American plot.

You again have to ignore that Sharia law would be against every value the left professes. An authoritarian religious institution that often oppresses women and homosexuals. Sounds like a left-wing utopia!
No, but (and I know where you're going with this) it sounds a hell of a lot like the Dominionist, Christian Reconstructionist, Religious "Right". The American Taliban.