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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Something also to be aware of if you are using a generator to run your fridge is that it is likely to shorten the life of your compressor substantially.

When the compressor starts up, it usually pulls quite a bit of power from the capacitance that is in the power lines. It uses much more power for those first fractions of a second than it does in normal operation. This is fine for grid power.

What is not fine is when you are trying to power that with a generator. You don't have capacitance of hundreds of miles of wire, you only have it of your house and what is hooked up. If the generator is not overpowered, if it is putting out just enough to power your fridge, then it will likely make it hard for the compressor to get up to speed, and wear it out prematurely.
Adding that a fridge does not require that much power even during startup. I measured mine and it ran at about 200 watts and started at 600 watts. Not a big load on a generator which can supply a startup surge of basically a order of magnitude more. Mine doesn't even seem to slow down for the fridge kicking in to any noticeable degree as it does with some other devices.