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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
She did nothing wrong, no crime was committed.
She was driving on the incorrect (right) side of the road, which was undoubtedly a violation of English traffic law. There may well have been other traffic laws which were broken, like unsafe operation of a motor vehicle. If there had not been an collision, those might have only been ticketable offenses (had she been, say, pulled over by a police officer who saw her driving on the wrong side of the road), but they still would count as "doing something wrong" and "committing a crime."

But, she did get into a collision, likely entirely due to violating one or more traffic laws, and another person died as a result. In doing so, she may well have violated one or more additional English laws.

What happened was almost undoubtedly not *intentional*, but operating a motor vehicle demands that the driver follow the laws of the road. "I didn't realize I was in violation of a law" or "I forgot that I wasn't supposed to be doing that" makes it unintentional, but it doesn't make it innocence, and it doesn't mean that nothing wrong was done.

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