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What I wish, what I really wish, is that all the services would put some real thought into the kind of physical demands each particular branch or specialty needs as a minimum threshold, and get some actual PhDs involved (including some who have no military experience whatsoever, to help keep those with a military background honest and force them to back up their assumptions and pre-conceived notions).
add in physiotherapists and kinetics experts - I know some 'old school' exercises are/were counterproductive, as an example one form of situp is now suspect because it can damage the neck, and honestly pushups are hell on wrists ...
Originally Posted by slash2k View Post
Nothing in the section you quote says what questions they asked the fitness experts. "What are the physical requirements demanded by the 21st-century battlefield?" will yield very different answers than "What tests most effectively correlate to some particular physical requirement we identified in some previous round?"
While they are not common, I can see the need to have our people ready for a 50 mile forced march with full gear, unmounting in field conditions should be trained for - what if you are in wherethefuckarewestan and the rockslide has taken out 5 miles of narrow mountain road and the only way to get to wherever is a 50 mile march with gear, if you don't train for it, you are fucked.
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Lots of ostensibly "rear"and "non combat" troops have found themselves in contact with the enemy, on occassions with some regularity.
mrAru as a Navy submarine auxiliaryman is considered 'substitute infantry' when marines are not available, he trained with various weapons, did PRT including running and at one time took some course in combatives. Did he do anything except topside watch? Nope, but I suppose it was handy he was familiar with weapons for bear watch on ICEX runs ...

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I wonder if there are age-related or injury-related dispensations; some of those things might not be hard for a 22 year old former high school athlete, but they might be pretty tough for a 55 year old Master Sergeant, or a 35 year old Major who busted up his knee. That would be my concern- that they're going to penalize the older soldiers and potentially lose that experience because of aging or service-related injuries.
<shrug> mrAru did the test in his 20th year, at 38 and the numbers he got were maxed out for male 18-22, he used to do his running in combat boots. He consistantly maxed out shooting both long arm and hand gun. I can attest other than shooting for leisure at home on the farm, he did not exercise at all.
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What did the Soviet Red Army in World War Two do when there was no choice but to fight to the death with every person available? How did they use female soldiers?
The did what I personally would do, grab a gun and ammo, get into my husbands pants and boots and go kill the Germans.

Me, I have combat gear, from my days as an armed response guard. Though my pants are actually 70s era utes [way sturdy, cotton vice poly blend, and all olive drab ...] and my coat is one of my Dad's m1943 field jackets, and my body armor is not the newest spiffy plate carrier on the market, and if I needed a helmet, I would have to make due with a WW2 vintage SS helmet my dad 'salvaged', my choice of weapons is based upon the available ammo - a 'salvaged' Sauer and Son 38H my dad 'salvaged' and his issue M1. I would have to find a place to set up a short range 'sniper bed' because my ability for movement is very limited, but I could turkey shoot a unit straggling along in a line not expecting anything. If I was stuck in a town, I would sacrifice my medications and poison my stockpile of booze [we keep a small bar on hand for entertaining] I regularly give a casual demonstration on not ignoring how deadly a little fat lady in a wheelchair can be. If I have a 3 month loadout of my medications, I can terminally deal with between 20 to 40 men depending on if they share [let me pour shots] or if they grab and pig out. [opiods, benzos, colchicine, BP meds that can act as sedatives ... grind everything and combine except the colchicine and dope the booze. Colchicine gets handled separately, the equivalent to 12 pills causes cascading organ failure within 48 hours.]

And physical can be odd - I regularly use a Molle large pack for my luggage, fully packed with my clothing and stuff it weighs around 60 pounds, on crutches if I can get it on and balanced, I can schlep it from car to desk to room in a motel. Thanks to my PT, I can do 50 proper sit ups in 2 minutes [I may be fat, but I have a killer core] My point is if you have time to prepare for specific exercises, you can nail them. I have no doubt that next year the women will be passing because htey will modify which exercises they point on for the test, it is just like our bogus school plan of nobody left behind, they study to the test, not for general knowledge.