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Has this dingleberry Nunes been roundly excoriated enough around here yet?

Nunes’ Tuesday night foray to see possibly critical documents, his failure to share those documents with the committee, his decision to brief the president instead, and his abrupt cancellation of Tuesday’s hearing have all raised questions over whether the intelligence committee under his chairmanship can continue its inquiry into reported Russian intervention in the 2016 election with any credibility.
Nunes put off tomorrow's hearing to confer with Comey and National Security Agency director, Michael Rogers, but I've yet to find anywhere else on dese intrawebs to support the credibility of such a claim, so until someone can substantiate more on Nunes's weaseling out of the situation, I'll just simply conclude that, well, yeah - he's weaseling out of the situation. (or, trying to somehow scuttle this whole thing into a non-issue)

So if Nunes needs to so hightail the fuck outa there, can we really rely on a bipartisan congressional selection of a truly independent inquiry into this, then?