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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
In fact, it was Hellions in Atlas that were the specific example I was thinking of. I suppose it makes sense: When you've got a bunch of newbies on at once, all getting assigned one of a small number of newbie quests, you need to keep enough of a supply handy that they can all get their quotas in.

Similarly, I was running a mission in Skyway when I ran into a Supa Troll. It was a reasonably tough fight, but I eventually got it down to about 10%... at which point it managed to break free of all of my immobilizes, run away, heal up, and come back with two more Supas, which was way more than I could handle. I assumed that he was part of the mission, and so put off going back there until I had several more levels, only to find that he was just a random encounter and I wasn't even getting XP for the real mission monsters.
There are some missions that have ambushes as part of them. If someone who is level 20 gets ambushed in Kings Row, you'll have a bunch of way too high for most of the people hanging out there bad guys running through. Hopefully, the person whose mission is is around to clean up the ambush, but sometimes they take off. It seems to be something that has been more or less fixed - i.e. it happens less than it used to.

But sticking to the appropriate parts of town (the Vidiot maps are good for this) can keep running into mobs you can't handle to a minimum.