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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
And the standard response to that common claim is that, if they didn't intend it to guide the understanding of its meaning, why did they even put it in?
Well, they didn't originally put it in. It was put in for a variety of reasons while the amendment was discussed and debated, but the real reason was that some of the southern states wanted assurances about WHO would have the right (and, more specifically not the right) to keep and bear arms, and under what conditions. Also, there is the thing that's been pointed out to you multiple times, which is that the use of the terms in the amendment have changed over time, and you are using a modern use of the words that wasn't used then, mainly what 'well regulated' actually meant then, as opposed to now. You just want to read the thing (with zero context as to how it got to the final state, what the authors actually thought about the subject and why it changed multiple times) with a modern use of the words as if the terms are exactly the same today as they were then. It's been your thing in these threads throughout time, and basically it's the general stance of all folks who hold your interpretation...we don't need context, we don't need history, we just read it exactly as it's written (and sort of squint a bit, especially about the implications of a right in the Constitution for all citizens that is only for a special group) with the words meaning what we know them to mean today, 200+ years later.

It would be more honest if you guys would just say something like 'who gives a shit what the original authors meant?' and go from there, especially since we kind of know what they meant, as they wrote about this in more detail than just the amendment. Of course, then you'd be forced to the realization that you can't just reinterpret the thing away by fiat and have to do some actual work using the process we have. Which really sucks, to be sure.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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