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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
There have been an uncountable number of 2nd Amendment debates through the years(7.2 septillion on this board alone) about the meanings of "militia", "arms", "well regulated" etc., but in my personal opinion these debates are not being argued in good faith by those actually believe that it doesn't really matter how the 2nd Amendment is finally interpreted because they have a right to whatever weaponry they think they need (Natural Law, Natural Rights, God-Given Rights etc.) and 2nd Amendment be damned.
Im not sure I follow.

Say you hear me criticizing a decision made by the President; and that, if asked about this, I say that I believe I have the right as well as the responsibility to speak out against injustice, advocating for worthy principles in the abstract and my fellow man here and now. Speaking truth to power, if you will. Telling it like it is, as it were. Its my right, I say, to stand up for whats right.

If you ask me about the First Amendment, well, then, sure, Ill answer to the best of my ability about it; but if you then ask me about free speech, then I may get a little misty-eyed as I admit that, yes, while it does my heart glad to see the Amendment gets read as Id hope, Id of course still hold it to be my right and responsibility to speak up for what I believe in regardless.

Same thing for, yknow, the right to vote, not to mention that whole thing about not being a slave, and so on, and so on: Im glad theyre reflected in Amendments, but Id still be talking in the language of rights if (a) those Amendments werent there any more, and (b) I had to start advocating for them to be added in. But Ill honestly tell you what I think those Amendments say, even while thinking the rest.

Why would the Second be any different than the First, or the Thirteenth?