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Red Alert! General Quarters! Jynxster Parental Unit's detected at the Jynxster Residence! All cats on deck! Secure the wine and the scotch! Prepare for incoming unnecessary comments about the cleanliness of the house and or general size, weight or appearance of Jynxster! Raise grey rock shields! Prepare the bean dip! This is not a drill! Repeat. This is not a drill! Awoooogah! Enter at your own risk.

**Red Alert will remain in effect for the next 48 hours. Extra rations of wine are authorized for Captain Jynxster only! All others will be given half rations, especially the parents. Any personnel engaging in Political/racist/homophobic talk of any kind will be made to walk the plank or exit the residence at sword point immediately.

An aftermath report will be given on Monday if there be any survivors remaining.