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Originally Posted by nightshadea View Post
according to this article, Francisco Lindor is supposed to be the savior of the dodgers anyone heard of him?
Lindor is a great player and the Dodgers would do well to get him. I think that article is crazy to suggest the Dodger aren't the NL West favorites even if they do nothing. Also I think trading May is a bad idea, we saw last season that Ryu had trouble finishing so getting him some innings relief mid season might solve that problem. Kershaw is already the number 3 starter and is just going to get older so the Dodgers need to hold on to May and Gonsolin so that when our older stars fall apart the pieces are there to fill in the roles.

Trading away Joc makes sense same with Kike or Chris Taylor since we've got more defensive talent then we could possibly field but trading the young pitchers isn't worth it.