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I didn't play last year because I, uh, forgot, but did "score" maybe 3 deaths. So here I am, on time this year, with a list that's almost the same from 2018

Alex Trebek game show host
Betty White actress
Billy Graham - evangelist
Bob Barker host
Bob Newhart - actor
Carol Burnett actress/comedian
Charlie Sheen actor
David Foster - composer
Hosni Mubarak former president of Egypt
Jimmy Carter former U.S. president
Pope Benedict ex-pope
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh husband of Queen Elizabeth (UK)
Queen Elizabeth II Current Queen of the UK

David Attenborough naturalist/host
Richard Simmons exercise guru
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court justice

Clean list:
Alex Trebek
Betty White
Billy Graham
Bob Barker
Bob Newhart
Carol Burnett
Charlie Sheen
David Foster
Hosni Mubarak
Jimmy Carter
Pope Benedict
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Queen Elizabeth II

David Attenborough
Richard Simmons
Ruth Bader Ginsburg