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Well, I know they won't officially count, what with me stumbling in nearly 24 hours too late, but I'm dropping these in just for posterity.

1. Drummer Frankie Banali
2. Senator Harry Reid
3. Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins
4. Rapper and trainwreck Aaron Carter
5. Delays singer Greg Gilbert
6. Actor David Prowse
7. Singer Shane MacGowan
8. Rapper 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)
9. Game show host Alex Trebek
10. Record producer Phil Spector
11. Soccer player Jimmy Greaves
12. Producer Harvey Weinstein
13. Shitbag Donald Wildmon

Stripped, alphabetized list:
Aaron Carter
Alex Trebek
David Prowse
Donald Wildmon
Frankie Banali
Greg Gilbert
Harry Reid
Harvey Weinstein
Ian Watkins
Jimmy Greaves
Phil Spector
Shane MacGowan

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