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It was a major success on Broadway, running over 1400 performances and making it the forth longest running musical in Broadway history at the time it closed. So I think it's safe to say it was a popular musical. And all the musicals that had more performances when it closed (My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, and South Pacific) were made into successful movies. Andrews got the role because of Mary Poppins, but back then people went to movie versions of popular musicals as a matter of course and Rogers and Hammerstein were as popular as you can get.

The movie's success probably surprised everyone. It was expected to do well enough (Broadway remakes were money in the bank), but not on the scale it did. It does have a first-class score, especially in the first act, but the story was extremely bland (which may have been the root of its popularity -- there's nothing unlikeable about it, but there's nothing particularly dramatic or memorable other than their escape, which gets short shrift).
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