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I still opt for the TV option, with a friend explaining things to you.

Another thing to mention about live games is that every single NHL club has a farm team, sometimes in the same city, sometimes far away. I think every farm team is part of the AHL, and many of those players are just one step away from the NHL. Tickets are cheap and if there's no NHL team but a farm team nearby it's relatively easy to get to see a pro game that is much like an NHL game.

Every once in a while I get a "special offer" from the Leafs office of a few Leafs tickets offered only to those on the season seat waiting list (I've been on it for about 20 years, expecting no progress), but that package always includes a whole bundle of the expensive class of Marlies tickers (the Leafs farm team) that you also must purchase as a precondition. I've never done it because the total was always outrageous and most of it was for Marlies games that my son has no particular interest in, as exciting as they may be for people who just want to see good hockey.