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With Omni signing up yesterday, we've got 11 confirmed re-upped from last year. Varlos has disappeared from the face of the Earth, Overly Sentimental left all his leagues this year, d_odds also left all his leagues this year, and Johnny Ace is gone for obvious reasons. We're down 4 and I've only managed to recruit Sir T-Cups as a replacement this year.

Unfortunately fantasy interest and population on the SDMB has been trending down over the years. Hardly any new people are on the boards, and a lot of older players are either leaving fantasy or contracting some of their leagues. I've managed to patch it together the last few years with aggressive recruitment and asking people who play in some of our leagues to play in more, but I'm not sure I can get all the leagues full this year.

If anyone has any ideas, or has an off-board friend who might be interested in this league, feel free to speak up. In a pinch, I suppose we could run this league with 12 players for the first time if we had to, but we'd still need one more recruit for that.