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Like Fenris, I'd like to see all Politics out of The Pit, except in Very limited circumstances of a genuine and serious event of National or International interest.

For example, if the Canadian Government decided that everyone in Canada had to speak English or GTFO, no exceptions, then I think a Pit Thread would be warranted. Similarly, if the UK Government decided that it would no longer offer Asylum to anyone not from the Commonwealth, I think that would also warrant a Pit Thread.

But the State Legislature of Iowa debates a motion to build an expensive bridge across a river when the state's libraries are underfunded? Not pit-worthy.

Similarly, I think RO needs to go. No-one is seriously going to support the skinning of puppies for fur, or any of the other things that get RO posts here.

Mini-Rants are quite fun, though- I like those. Also, I think being able to call another Poster out on an issue is important, but if it's clear the other poster isn't going to respond, then I think they should be closed so it doesn't turn into Everybody Hates Poster X.

Oh, also, I think that if someone wants to describe someone else as a "Cunt" in the Pit, then that should be fine and it should be taken as read that entering in the Pit means you're going to hear lots of Naughty Words and Mean Things Being Said.