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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
I disagree with several of your picks on political content, but the point is, so what if half are politics? Why is half too much?
Because there's too much political stuff on the boards as it is and we don't need over 50% of two separate forums devoted to politics?

This is really, really simple: Since so many people like politics, then putting all the political threads into a "Politics" forum should be popular, right? All the pundits can argue with each other to their hearts content, people that want a break or don't care about it don't have to scroll through pages of threads to find something to discuss. Everyone wins.

The problem is that the politcal nature of GD and the Pit has been going on for so long now I think most people on the boards regarding them as "Argue over what bloggers say about politicians" and "Say Angry, Mean Things About Politicians (and other posters, time permitting)". It's going to take some work to change that, but, like Fenris, I honestly believe that taking politics out of the Pit will allow other threads to flourish.

I really can't see the Pit becoming an abandoned Ghost Forum just because there's no more politics in there. And, as I've said before, if we can manage special forums for Ed Zotti's Book and all things Chicago, we can manage a politics forum. And I bet the politics forum would be more popular than the Barn House and Chicago forums combined, too.