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Wow, I am sorry Senegoid for that apparent tone I took with you in my above post. After reading it back it sounds horrible. What I was going for was excitement, a sharing of a new topic between friends. Like "hey, have you heard of a cartoon called Gravity Falls? Even if my anecdotes sound boring to you, you should still check it out. it is really well done."

Before Velocity's post I never thought or cared about aluminum toxicity, and this same day research was enlightening because I have had kidney stones in the past and if I had known about this I would have been more careful, even though everything turned out fine anyway, no need to pile on more issues.

So again, sorry for my tone of... not voice,,, if you had heard that everything would have been fine.. but my tone of text. Thank you for showing me that I need to take my time and re-read my messages.