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Originally Posted by Loach View Post
Does anyone know how a sexual advance will be received before it happens? When you make whatever your patented move is do you stop and ask consent first? If someone makes an advance and is rebuffed and they stop there is no crime. It may be the tort of sexual harassment.

The Jill Harth case might be a crime but I am not familiar with the law in Florida and especially not familiar with Florida caselaw which is not easily googlable. As I understand it the case was never investigated as a crime and only went forward as a lawsuit.

I have no doubt that Trump at least skirted the line up to assault and is a horrible person. If people want to think of him as a rapist then fine as long as he doesn't get elected.
You could test this, go to a mall, or a public park and walk up to women, kiss them and grab their genitals.

I doubt that you have the budget to buy lawyers but I am betting it will answer you question on if it is illegal or not.