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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
Of course you do. Only piss-poor democracies are tyrannies of the majority with no judicial checks and balances.
Patience and education of the next generation, usually.
Shouting and stamping your feet is none of those things.

A cancer, you don't say?

Anyway, exclusive reliance on supposed "reasonable, rational thought" is highly overrated, especially when its underlying assumptions, like whiteness, are never questioned.
Classic critical race theory. Logic and reason are only useful to the extent that they can be used to justify YOUR positions. When they work against you, then they are flawed.

Hell, here you'll find people arguing how rational the Nazis were. That's what prizing rationality über alles gets you.
Well then, we might as well shut this whole site down. After allAmerican society is like the Nazis so we have to ignore logic and reason.

Pre-Civil Rights America (the era we were specifically discussing there) was not a democracy in anything but name, any more than Apartheid-era South Africa was.
But it was, that's why the civil rights movement worked. It wouldn't have worked in a tyranny.

History shows that's not entirely the case.
I'll go with the percentages on this one. People think that critical race theorists are a joke at best and harmful to society at worst. It is based on ignoring logic and reason in favor of anecdote and subjective feelings.

... for the fragile Whites. For the oppressed PoCs, not so much.
When has that ever been the case? Minorities throwing tantrums without convincing the majority that there is a problem to begin with hasn't worked well anywhere, ever.

Here, try an experiment - put "democracy" in one hand, and shit in the other, and tell me which gets filled first...
wtf are you talking about?