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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Dee Dee testified that Martin "say he lost the guy" and said he was "right by his father house". You're saying that should be understood to mean something else?
Strangely, you left out this part (bolding mine):
Dee Dee: He say he ain’t goin’ run, cause he say he right by his father house…


Dee Dee: So, and in a couple minutes…he say the man followin’ him again, behin’ him. And I say, ‘RUN!’ You goin’ to run? He say he not goin’ run cause…I could have known he not going to run, cause he out of breath. and then, he told me, he say this guy getting’ close to him. I told him ‘RUN!’ And then, and then… I tol’ him ‘Keep runnin’.’ He not goin’ run. And then he say…I told him, ‘Why you not runnin’? He say, ‘I’m not go’ run,’ cause he tired, but I know he tired.

BDLR: I’m sorry…Trayvon said he’s not running because…he’s not going to run he said…because you could tell he was tired?

Dee Dee: Yeah.
So after Martin lost Zimmerman, Martin left reports that Zimmerman has found him again. And then...
Dee Dee: And then he told me like the guy was getting he told me the guy was getting real close to him. The next I hear, “What are you following me for?”

BDLR: OK, so let me make sure I understand this…so, Trayvon tells you the guy’s getting closer to him…
In addition, the transcript mentions that Martin was scared by Zimmerman following him and that Zimmerman was "looking crazy". Dee Dee also reported that Zimmerman sounded angry when Martin asked him why he was following him and that Martin was heard saying "get off" during the apparent struggle.

So this whole "Martin lost him and was right by his father's house, and then went back to find Zimmerman and started a fight" narrative not only isn't supported by the transcript cited but is actively contradicted by it. In addition, the fact that Martin was described as frightened and too tired to run away actively contradicts the characterization of Martin as a "tough guy" who was "looking for a fight". Conversely, Zimmerman is described as angry, intimidating and instigating the conflict.

Funny how that is.