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I remember house calls from the doctor being a regular thing. The milk man delivering all kinds of dairy products to the door. We had an insulated box and a fan-like paper device that we could set to show what we wanted. We also had a bread delivery truck that had all sorts of bakery items - he came daily as well.

Perhaps my most poignant memory is from around 6 years old (1957). All the mothers were sitting on the steps of our apartment building, chatting in the cool of the evening after dinner dishes were done. We kids were playing up and down the block. We lived near the county hospital and heard sirens and then learned an 18-year-old had been killed in a motorcycle accident. The mothers got all serious and talked about how sad it was--he was so young. And I clearly remember thinking "18!! He was 18! That's old. He could drive! That's really old."
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