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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
That's actually not what I was getting at, more like how they make loneliness (a part of being a social animal) seem like a disease and that seeking friends (not social media, I don't do that) is just a band-aid.

And I assume from this post is that's what is bothering you?

Given this my suggestion would be to find out what is a 'friend' and see if your current friends fit that definition. Now how about to find out what is a friend, that is your journey and if you wish to explore it. In that I can give my own experience.

I thought I knew what a friend was, and thought I had friends. I undertook a long journey/pilgrimage and found out in short that friends don't leave one lonely, it is a continuous knowing that they are there and you are in their hearts, and that ends loneliness. There is a synergy also that the times you get together is mutually positive with positive after effects, not a longing for more, nor not a demand to be seen. We tend to focus on the wrong people when we count our friends.