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Originally Posted by HeyHomie View Post
I love this series! It's fascinating and informative. However, Singer got at least one critique disastrously wrong.

He was completely off the mark in his deconstruction of Sam Rockwell's Ozark Mountain accent in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. TLDR; Rockwell studied a real Missouri sheriff's speech for his role, and Rockwell nailed it.

At least, Rockwell nailed the accent of the guy he was imitating. As for the "Ozark Mountain Accent," there isn't one. I live on the top of them (seriously, my town is the highest-elevated incorporated community in Missouri). Give me ten locals and you'll hear ten accents. My mother-in-law, for example, speaks mostly General American with a slight twang. My landlady has a considerably stronger twang, but still wouldn't pass for Southern. And my landlady's sister sounds like she just crawled out of a cave in northern Georgia.

NO ONE around here, however, talks like Rockwell did in the movie.
I think he's also taken to task Brad Pitt for a "Kentucky" accent? Well Brads lived in Missouri and I didn't think whatever he was doing in Inglorious Basterds sounded bad.