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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
He was technically chosen by the Queen, and effectively chosen by the House, as the only person who can command the confidence of the House.

Were the opposition less fractured and ineffectual, it's likely that he would not have been able to command said confidence, but as it stands he has it. A working majority of one should not be enough to keep it, but I'm sure Corbyn will find a way to lose a confidence vote in the near future.
We can't say that he has the confidence of the House. And we certainly can't say that he was "effectively chosen" by it.

The test for appointing a PM is not that he should have the confidence of the House; it is that he should be "best placed" to obtain it. Teresa May presumably advised the Queen that Johnson was best placed, and so he has been appointed.

But can he, in fact, command the confidence of the House? He hasn't, so far; since his appointment his government has won zero votes in the House of Commons on any subject. There have been no votes.

And there is some reason to doubt that he can. His government is openly admitting that it cannot get even uncontoversial Brexit-related legislation through the House, and therefore will refrain from introducing any.

It may yet be that Johnson never commands the confidence of the House of Commons; that, on the first occasion when he seeks it, it is refused. That would be a first for any UK Prime Minister.

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