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Yeah of course it matters what flavors you can get. If you find flavors you like, you are more likely to stick to the vaping instead of going back to cigarettes. You've obviously not spent any time browsing on vaping forums where many people search very hard trying to find a flavor that they like, and with advice of others and through trial and error, finally are able to find a flavor that becomes their go-to vape. That's one more person who's inhaling vapor instead of tobacco smoke.

Only a cold-blooded technocrat would say, "oh, you're saving your life, so just be happy with 'plain' nicotine instead of a flavor you like." We're human beings, we take great pleasure in different tastes and sensations. Jesus Christ, we bust our asses at work, we pay income taxes, we pay car insurance, we pay health insurance, we have to suffer through the political shitshow, our souls are constantly chiseled away at by all of the aggravations of life, don't we deserve to have fruit flavored nicotine vapor if we want it?