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As to the OP, I don't know what the exact figure is, but the main problem I know of isn't with oxygen but with moisture in the air. Rain forests create a lot of the 'rain' part of that equation, and the Amazon actually creates a lot of weather just by its existence and operation, including a lot of the moisture we get in the north. This is all being disrupted by the extensive cutting and burning for clearing out the land for other use (cattle basically). And this leaves aside the indigenous peoples that live there...just the environmental impact is huge. Whether it is in fact 20% of the oxygen is beside the point that it's a major environmental issue that is being allowed to expand (it was already happening) due to the current government in Brazil (who seems to be using our own president as a model for how things should be run).
Dont get me wrong, I hate the idea of virgin forests going away.

However on the other side I know we here in the US did this long ago so how do we have the right to tell Brazilians not to do the same? It's kind of racist and arrogant.

My original post was just about the 20% number.