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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Dont get me wrong, I hate the idea of virgin forests going away.

However on the other side I know we here in the US did this long ago so how do we have the right to tell Brazilians not to do the same? It's kind of racist and arrogant.

My original post was just about the 20% number.
The Amazon rain forest is completely different wrt it's environmental impact and also just how it works to the forests we had in North America. It has a MUCH larger impact than our forest did, and also because of how it works the environmental impact locally is much higher due to the fact that the soil is compared to how our soil is/was. It's apples to orangutans.

No, it's not racist OR arrogant to call the Brazilians out on this or to ask them what the fuck they are doing. Just the opposite, in fact, because it DOES have such a large external impact. And this leaves aside the fact that this is basically a land grab by some elements in Brazil to burn out the indigenous peoples in the region and get them off the land. It's something we should ALSO care about.

As for the 20% figure, I take all such things with a grain of salt...hell, a mountain of salt. The press is, generally, going to just repeat memes and bullshit stats. They aren't lying has a large non-zero impact, and 20% sounds good. Whether it is, in fact, 5% or 20% is really not the point. The press also hasn't mentioned the other impacts that are more critical, as they want to just make the point that it will have an impact and 'oxygen' is something people can grasp (while if they mention rain and moisture folks eyes will glaze over or they will be confused, and gods forbid they talk about the carbon impact).

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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