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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Now, I dont know, but I just read this article in the Atlantic that debunks the story that 20% of the worlds oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforests and as they burn, so will our planets oxygen.
I find Atlantic to be an extremely credible news outlet, so if they say the Amazon is not the earth's lung and it makes no important oxygen contribution, then I will trust them and stop repeating that trope starting now.

But, the truth in that article is just as disturbing. If I'm reading correctly, then most of our atmospheric oxygen actually comes from buried carbon. So we're depleting our global oxygen reserves as we slowly mine and burn fossil fuels.

Still, I personally think we should refrain from burning the Amazon, because even if it isn't exactly the earth's lung, it influences the weather, it's a huge source of biodiversity, it supports ecosystems that we don't understand, and nobody really knows what could happen if we lose it. Plus I've never seen it.