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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Dont get me wrong, I hate the idea of virgin forests going away.

However on the other side I know we here in the US did this long ago so how do we have the right to tell Brazilians not to do the same? It's kind of racist and arrogant..
'We did something terrible so everyone else should get to do it also' isn't a very good argument.

'We got rich by doing terrible things so we should spend some of that money paying other people not to do the same terrible things' is a pretty good one, IMO. But just 'even though we found out that was a bad idea everybody gets one round of doing it anyway' isn't.

Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Kind of arrogant of you. What if they just want a damn higher standard of living than living in a mud hut? What if they want a way to have commerce and trade with the outside world? What if they want electricity?
How about we pay attention to what indigenous people are actually saying?

I haven't time right now to make a study of the issue, and I'm sure they're not all saying the same thing. But I've seen at least a couple of articles showing indigenous people at the forefront of protests against the fires. And I have no idea whether they're living in "mud huts" with no electricity, let alone whether if they are they prefer living in their own mud huts to renting in high rises.

For that matter, there are lots of ways to have commerce and trade with the outside world, and even to get electricity, many of which don't require burning down one's home first.