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To go back to the OP, I'd say no, we aren't being lied to. We just aren't paying attention. You have to pick your sources. I don't watch CNN, but all I seem to read is stories about how the Amazon isn't responsible for 20 percent of the O2. For example, here's a Chicago Tribune headline "Is the Amazon the ‘lungs of the world’? Northwestern scientist says rainforest not source of 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen, but fires can add to greenhouse effect" which is true. Macron misspoke. I'm not going to say he lied, but he's been corrected over and over.

The general population seems to think that O2 and CO2 are roughly equal parts of the atmosphere, whereas O2 is a fifth of the atmosphere, and CO2 is measured in parts per million. A trivial amount but that slight amount of CO2 helps kept warm. Unfortunately, it's gone up about 25% (320ppm to 400ppm) just over my lifetime, so now that's keeping us more than a bit too warm. I don't know the effect of burning a rain-forest, but it's not going to take a lot of CO2 to shift the curve up still more.