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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
The individual-rights concept not having been invented yet, and there being no significant group yet created to support it. It would have been like a legal argument that the sky is actually green.

It has been asserted, not "pointed out", and unfortunately not with any historical support.

To clarify, Miller confirmed what had been the common understanding that the Second has no applicability outside militia use. Heller reversed that.
That wouldn't have been the argument. The argument would have been that short shotgun were indeed, historically a military/militia weapon. Thus Miller would have been decided in favor of Miller.

You dont read posts thru, do you?

Miller did nothing of the sort. Miller ruled one thing and one thing only- that the 2nd Ad is not a protection vs laws that ban sawed off shotguns. That is all Miller ruled on. Period. Nothing else.

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