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I heard a very funny segment on the radio this morning describing the two real elites in America: the boat elite and the intellectual elite.

The boat elite are a reference to Trump's comment that his supporters have bigger boats. To an intellectual elite, the very idea of owning a boat is already kind of stupid, as though one should establish one's social dominance by piling up large amounts of cash and setting it on fire, all Ozymandias-style. But that's my take on it.

The author interviewed describes the concept in his own words, which you can sample here. One funny part:
The biggest difference between the two elites is that the Boat Elites are steeped in honor culture.... If they get cut off, they honk. Then they yell at the other driver to get out of their car and fight. The Intellectual Elite don't do this because we know that honking and yelling makes it hard to hear NPR stories.
Or, you can hear the interview here.