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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Can they do prez things while keeping the seat warm?
Yes. It's just that in cases such as the recent ones, if the POTUS needs to schedule some down time while his doctor pokes around the insides of his abdomen, he will sit down with the VP and CoS previously and run down what is on the calendar for those hours and make sure they are all on the same page and what may or may not be rescheduled or what things may be expected to pop up. If the incapacity OTOH is unforeseen or it's not clear if or when he will be able to return to duty (e.g. falls into a coma), or is the case of the rest of the cabinet agreeing that POTUS needs some serious rubber room time, or while the Big Guy is nonfunctional some unexpected urgebnt matter requiring presidential attention NOW! comes up, then the VP better be ready to do some full time presidenting of his own while the matter is resolved.

One could imagine that in the case of a permanently and irreversibly incapacitated President, future historians could agree to count an Acting Presidency that completely serves out the term as a separate one, with an asterisk. That's one of those that nobody will touch until they are forced to.