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The problem with defining what happened is that there is such a huge, huge difference between how Americans voted and who wins.

In terms of how people actually voted, their preference was extremely clear; they wanted the Democratic Party to run the country. There is no argument to the contrary. A clear majority of Americans voted Democratic.

However, that does not translate to an equivalent level of power, because the system is set up to return Republican winners; the Senate is structured to give more seats to small, poor, Republican states, the House is gerrymandered to deliver more Republicans than merited, and voter suppression programs allow Republican voters to vote more than Democratic voters to an extent that it changes results. Additionally, 2018 was odd in that the mix of Senate seats being decided made it nearly impossible for the Democrats to do well.

Saying the Democrats did a bad job or "overplayed their hand on Kavanaugh" is ridiculous. They earned a bigger share of the vote than in any midterm election since at least 2006 and, depending how the numbers play out, maybe in decades; there is nothing they can presently do about the fact that the game is rigged. It's as if an NFL team was being expected to win despite the league spotting their opponents seven points at the start of every game; if that team could end up finishing the season 9-7, you wouldn't say they were just okay, you'd say they did great.
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