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Villains who turned evil because of childhood trauma. (Especially when it's used to imply that anyone who had a childhood trauma is suspect) Irritates me to the point of exasperation. I usually stop reading/watching and dispose of the material if possible.

Parents whose children are threatened. (Especially when they are forced to do something horrible by the threat to the child) Upsets me with anxiety and dismay. I stop watching or reading or skip past this part and continue on afterward.

A single character who every other character is in love with. (Especially when the object-of-affection character is portrayed as the most "ordinary" one) Makes me roll my eyes, but doesn't usually interfere with my overall enjoyment - I can put up with this, but think it's bringing down the overall quality of the work every time.

For the ones above, especially the religious themed of the born to be savior and finding religion and creationism ones mentioned by original post and Mr. Excellent, I actually rather enjoy those most of the time.